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The following information has been labeled TOP SECRET by the Return Fire II National Security Agency. This information is available to Military Personnel E-7 or above, or a DA civilian GS7 or above, with Level 5 clearance only.

General Briefing:

Be advised that we are currently in a state of national emergency. You are hereby under direct command to prepare for active duty. Intelligence reports indicate that groups of up to 16 different enemy strike teams have mobilized themselves and are preparing an assault on headquarters. They will attack you in the air, by land, and by sea, via the Internet or direct game station linkup. Your mission: Infiltrate your enemy's bases, locate the hidden flag, and return to your base unharmed.

Incoming Return Fire Transmission
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Real Video Version

The Defense Administration has assembled all new vehicles for your command, including helicopters, jeeps, tanks, aircraft carriers, boats and jets. You may operate your vehicles and command your forces from either a first-person immersive point of view or the more strategic chase view.

Vast new terrains and landscapes are yours to master, including jungle, desert, urban settings and more. During your campaigns, you will be expected to acquire and deploy a staggering arsenal of weapons, including mines and missiles, and you will encounter more than 50 new maps to challenge you in the most intense combat experience ever.

Register for the Draft

We fully anticipate your performance in the field to match the reputation that precedes you. A new advanced A.I. computer will play against you to hone your skills and develop your war campaigns.

You have your mission.
Good Luck... Your country is counting on you.

Aerial Reconnaissance - Background For New Recruits
. Aerial Reconnaisance
Background For New Recruits